We are All from One™

Painstakingly excavated, gently uplifted, carefully examined, lovingly curated, passionately communicated – a message from our fossil history that tells a story of our past, and our shared future

Successfully spreading our vision…

PAST’s vision is a global public that celebrates and acts on the vital lessons from prehistory that are written in fossils and genes, lessons that provide compelling tools for confronting discrimination based on race and lessons that empower us to reverse Homo sapiens’  relentless destruction of natural environments and biodiversity.

Successfully spreading our vision…

For over 25 years, PAST’s award-winning educational and public outreach programmes on humankind’s shared African origins have reached 1.8m people in Africa.

Now we want a wider audience to learn about these issues at a time in history when it couldn’t be more urgent…

“This is something that our students have never experienced before. Yes, we teach them…they get the information in class, but what you have given them today they will never, ever forget”

– Anna Gamazo, Secondary School Teacher Mbulu, Tanzania, on PAST’s Walking Tall origin sciences education workshop

How PAST makes a difference…

  • Funds world-class African research and prioritises African leadership in the origin sciences.
  • Tours the “All from One” Exhibition, which explores humankind at the levels of the individual, population and one species among millions.
  • Runs “Walking Tall”, an inspiring school-based education programme that combines physical theatre and science workshops to teach youth about our shared origins.
  • Offers “I See You” – a 20 minute thought-provoking performance for adult and professional audiences with optional interactive sessions facilitated by PAST’s Chief Scientist, Prof Robert Blumenschine, and its CEO, Andrea Leenen.

Help extend our impact through the PAST Shared Origins Club

We are reaching out to our closest supporters for a kick-start to scale-up our work in the UK. We are looking for 20 very special PAST fans to be there at the beginning. You can help by becoming founding members of the new PAST Shared Origins Club in the following ways:
  • Individuals donate £2,000 per year, with a 4-year commitment that will give income certainty for our UK-based programmes.
  • Companies contribute £2,000 in goods or services for 4 years to help us reduce our costs, or encourage their staff to fundraise as a team to the value of £2,000 per year.
  • Trusts can make a £2,000 multi-year grant towards our operating and programme costs.

In return, you can:

  • Access an exclusive annual event for Shared Origins Club members only.
  • Receive a limited edition cast of Taung, a famous fossil hominid discovery.
  • Treat your staff and clients to a unique ALL FROM ONE workshop or other event.

“The further back you look, the further
forward you are likely to see”

                                  – Winston Churchill

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(UK) Caroline Underwood, UK Development Director, caroline@philanthropycompany.com
(SA) Andrea Leenen, CEO, andrea@pastafrica.co.za or +27 82 921 3155, Linked In

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