We are all descendants from one origin

So much destruction of natural environments and threats to species survival stems from the belief that we stand apart from nature. We have forgotten that as living things, we are all part of the same tree of life, each dependent on one another for our well-being and survival.

We have walked far and wide, but humankind’s first step was in the same place

That place is here, in Africa. We have rich fossil sites to prove that this was all of humanity’s original home.

And we owe it to ourselves and each other to challenge discrimination

By recognising the fact of our shared origins – as you have committed to do – we can see there is no way to justify any hatred towards one another.

And protect our environment from destruction

This planet has always been our home and the living things that live here have always been our neighbours. It has always been our obligation to protect and conserve them.

    And help PAST share the messages of our shared origins with the world