A twig on the tree of life

Over three billion years ago, life started as a seed that grew and evolved, becoming a great tree with many branches.

The tree of life has seen the creation and destruction of entire branches of related species. We are just one twig that sprouted only seven million years ago. We are the only leaf remaining on our twig, and we are dependent on the same tree we share with millions of other leaves…

As humankind, we are all part of the same leaf…

The differences we have seen in each other over centuries are skin deep. Our bodies are structured the same way, with the same organs and bones, and our genetic codes are 99.9% the same. Yet we often believe that we are different enough to discriminate against each other.

Our leaf will not be around forever

A leaf falls at the end of its season – this is the circle of life. But humankind’s unjust belief that we have dominion over nature is leading us to destroy whole branches of life for the temporary prosperity of our single leaf. This behaviour threatens the survival of the entire tree, without which we cannot survive.

So we need to learn about our origins

By understanding our shared roots in Africa, and by learning about our more ancient connections to other branches on the tree of life, we can find unity among ourselves, and resolve to conserve nature.

Which is why we keep digging into the past

And share our findings with the world

Through our

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