Public Understanding

We are All from One

Over 3,000,000,000 years before we began archiving history, we had one common ancestor that we share with all living things

This is a powerful truth about humanity

It means that 99.9% of every person’s genetic make-up is just like any other’s, with no master race and no master of nature.

How do we internalise this truth?

By accepting the differences we see without calling anyone “an other”. By striving for unity with one another and nature. By bringing collaboration into our daily lives. And by carefully conserving our precious environments and biodiversity.

PAST’s work in the public understanding of the
origin sciences is guided by a concept we call All from One™

The social value of All from One lies in its use of humankind’s shared origins in Africa to promote respect for diversity and social cohesion. All from One also uses the shared origins of all living things to promote conservation of Earth’s natural environments and biodiversity.

These All from One concepts lie at the core of all of PAST’s work in public understanding and education and justify PAST’s investment in origin sciences research. All from One finds its voice in several existing initiatives described below, with several more being developed as we raise further development funds.
Below you can ‘Dig Deeper’ to explore our ALL from One offerings, including the All from One exhibition and the Walking Tall corporate and schools programmes.

All from One™ Exhibition

The All From One™ exhibition draws on scientific evidence about our shared human origins and the shared origins of all life forms in order to challenge commonly held ideas about humankind and our place in nature.

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Witness the inspirational story of our shared origins. Walking Tall is a physical theatre production that confronts misconceptions about race, conservation and science.

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I See You is a 20-minute production created as a powerful tool for transformation in business – confronting discrimination and conservation issues in an entertaining and engaging way. Dig Deeper below for to how book.

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