Grantee spotlight: Glory Oden

Author: Glory Oden, PhD Candidate, Plant Conservation Unit, University of Cape Town.

“I am currently a Ph.D. student in the Plant Conservation Unit, University of Cape Town South Africa with interest in paleoecology, ecology, environment, and social justice. My Ph.D. research stemmed from my desire to apply science-based research to landscape conservation and management. Presently, I am working on the paleoecology of the Fynbos-forest Ecotone, Western Cape South Africa, in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. My research aims to investigate vegetation change from the early Holocene to present, as well as analyze the factors that have caused the shift and how they have ultimately shaped the landscape. I am hopeful that Cape Nature’s Management of the region will benefit from the study’s findings.

My ultimate career objective is to promote environmental sustainability through strategic advocacy and cross-sector approaches informed by academic research to affect policy and motivate individuals to adopt more environmentally sound lifestyles.

Recently, at the INQUA XXI Congress held in Rome, Italy, I presented preliminary results from my research titled “Ecosystem Resilience in the Face of a changing world; Results from Jonkershoek – South Africa”. This was an exciting opportunity for me to meet with and interact with paleoecologists and conservationists globally, receive feedback on my studies, share ideas, and create new networks. I am grateful to PAST and UCT for providing funding for the trip.”