Grantee – Marishka Govender

Grantee – Marishka Govender

Nationality: South African

Institution: Nelson Mandela University

Department: Botany (Palaeoecology Lab)

PAST programme support: Degree support

Project title:Reconstructing past environments: a new phytolith record covering the Holocene from the Baviaanskloof, southern Cape interior, South Africa


Facebook: Marishka Govender
Instagram: minx.xoxo
X: minx_xoxox

Marishka is a BSc (Biological Sciences) graduate, who recently completed her BSc Honours in Botany (class of 2022, graduating in 2023). She describes herself as academically driven and resourceful, as evidenced by an 80% matric average and completion of a Bachelor of Science degree.

Marishka is looking to gain experience in the business sector using her interpersonal and communication skills, which she has developed over attending communication workshops and conferences and promoting and modelling since 14 years old. She is passionate about all types of community outreach and is an energetic and committed part-time promotional brand ambassador.