Walking Tall Educational Theatre Project.

Promoting the preservation of Africa’s fossil heritage through education.

The history seen in our fossils has a lot to teach us

Walking Tall is a physical theatre performance and learner and educator workshops about the ancient history of humankind in nature. Through movement, it illustrates the story of how life and humankind developed from shared ancestors into the diverse group of beings living on earth today. By telling this story, Walking Tall aims to show the importance of the origin sciences for combatting discrimination and racism, and for promoting nature conservation.

It gives us the pride to walk tall

What makes the Walking Tall production so unique is that it can be performed for anyone, anywhere. By using a combination of the human body, the words we speak, a few props and no sets, people everywhere can understand the play. It can take place in a school hall, an auditorium or under a tree. So far 1.2 million learners, educators and community members have seen Walking Tall all around Africa. Special corporate versions of the performance can be combined with a lecture for high level executive audiences.

And helps us pass on what we learn

Walking Tall also comes with resources and workshops to help educators teach and promote the sciences – especially those of our origins – to learners to increase scientific literacy.

How to get involved



Be a part of the exploration