The PAST Matters this Giving Tuesday

The PAST Matters this Giving Tuesday

The further back you can look, the further forward you are likely to see.

– Winston Churchill-

Imagine a 40-year-old basing a life decision on experiences gained in only the last 30 minutes. That is what society does if it ignores lessons from the vast 3.8-billion-year period that preceded written records, and during which life on Earth originated and diversified. Even humankind’s brief 200,000-year existence has been mostly prehistoric.

PAST’s work is to discover prehistory’s course and to promote its compelling, fact-based lessons. Written in fossils and genes, and rooted in the shared origins of humankind and all living things, the lessons call for human unity and nature conservation, and are powerful tools for confronting the most fundamental challenges facing societies everywhere: discrimination and human-induced loss of natural environments and biodiversity.

We share these valuable lessons by supporting scientific research, education and our #AllFromOne Public Understanding campaign. We appeal for your help to fund:

  • Ongoing research projects that use Africa’s fossil record to study past environments, climates and mass extinctions as a way of understanding and averting the climate and biodiversity crises humanity is causing today.
  • International tour of our award-winning educational theatre project, Walking Tall, that since 2002 has taught over 1.3 million students and teachers in Africa about the science of our shared origins.
  • International tour of our acclaimed new theatre production, I See You, that highlights the importance of racial, ethnic and gender diversity in professional settings, and the importance of conserving species diversity for the effective functioning of natural ecosystems upon our economies and well-being depend.
  • Construction and international tour of a mobile version of our award-winning All from One exhibition, which explores humankind through the lens of our shared origins at the levels of the individual, population and one species among millions.

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Thank you all for your kindness in giving to such an important initiative!!