Research Project Support

PAST supports field and lab research spanning the entire palaeontological and Stone Age archaeological records in all parts of Africa.

We explore and discover the origins of humanity.

In order to do that, we fund small exploratory projects as well as well-established, interdisciplinary projects that are collaborations of international teams at both little and well-known fossil sites.

We push the boundaries of research.

We do this so that Africa’s talented young scientists can afford to remain in Africa, investing their knowledge back into our communities.

And we preserve Africa as the frontrunner in palaeontology.

Through our Human Heritage Hubs — Sterkfontein Caves, Olduvai Gorge, the Turkana Basin and the Afar Rift.

How to get involved


(Downloads a zip file)

Be a part of the exploration.

PAST is a certified Non-Profit Organisation.

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