PAST’s Award-winning Walking Tall Launches Corporate Theatre Show addressing Transformation and Sustainability

PAST’s Award-winning Walking Tall Launches Corporate Theatre Show addressing Transformation and Sustainability

Johannesburg, South Africa, PAST’s award-winning Walking Tall Educational Theatre Project is affirming its standing as a uniquely powerful transformational tool with the launch of its new corporate theatre show, I See You.

The newly launched two-person, 20-minute production has been especially created as a powerful tool for transformation in business – confronting discrimination and conservation issues in an entertaining and engaging way.

“We are thrilled to be introducing this corporate-specific production of Walking Tall to the South African business community,” comments Andrea Leenen, CEO of PAST.

“We live in a world where we are constantly confronted by research and news that shows the negative impact of humans on the environment – and each other. It can often feel overwhelming. But when you are reminded that all living creatures are from the same tree of life, and share DNA, embracing social and ecological diversity becomes a positive way of dealing with discrimination and destruction of our natural environments and biodiversity – and we believe that corporations are excellently placed to play a role in rectifying these challenges.”

I See You was created within this context – and as a powerful tool of transformation for South Africa’s business community. Built around a conversation between two Homo sapiens, the performance spotlights the tension between human beings, and between humanity and nature – and confronts discrimination around race, gender, sexual preferences, and nationality (xenophobia).

PAST’s 25-year-long work helps discover, protect and share fossil evidence that highlights our African birthplace, our shared origins and our place in nature to end discrimination and the destruction of our planet. The Walking Tall I See You show contains science-based facts to urge audience members out of apathy, and issues an emotional, but hopeful, call for corporate South Africa and their employees to play their role in embracing and supporting the diversity of humans and nature that our very existence depends on. This is an especially important responsibility for business as South Africa heads towards Freedom Day on April 27th, and corporate citizens examine their role in helping ensure the next 25 years of democracy.

“We are very proud of I See You,” says Leenen. “There has never been a more important moment for the messages it contains – and we are positive that those who see it will leave feeling empowered with knowledge and a sense of our connectedness. This will impact their working and personal lives in a way that will only positively benefit the world we all share.”

Walking Tall’s I See You was launched on 18 April 2019 at Constitution Hill. The production is written by PAST and Matthew Lotter who co-directs with S’bo Ntshebe. The performers are Sandile Matsheni and Jonathan Blaine. The show’s producers are PAST CEO, Andrea Leenen, and Chief Scientist, Professor Rob Blumenschine.

*Walking Tall is available for corporate bookings by contacting