PAST Grantee Spotlight: Humphrey Nyambiya

In 2020, I started my MPhil Archaeology at the University of Cape Town. The time I started coincided with the global COVID-19 outbreak. Due to this, most of my research plans had to be adapted. Nonetheless, I am unreservedly grateful to PAST (Palaeontological Scientific Trust), who funded my masters research. During my study, PAST funded my tuition and stay in Cape Town, which was very imperative. The generous grants I received from PAST over those two years were critical in imparting research skills in archaeozoology and improving my knowledge in the field. Some of the skills I have acquired during this period based on the analysis of macrofauna include taphonomic analysis, species identification and subsistence strategies. Hence, I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity I had, and I hope such funding avenues continue to exist to train upcoming researchers like myself.

Thank you PAST!

Humphrey Nyambiya