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You could be spreading the coronavirus without realising you’ve got it

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With more than 380,000 confirmed cases worldwide, one thing is clear about the new coronavirus: it is very good at infecting people. Now studies are starting to reveal just how infectious it is – and when a person with covid-19 is most likely to spread

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Micro-CT scanning of “Little Foot” skull reveals new aspects of the life of this more than 3-million year-old-human ancestor.

PAST, and it’s major donors is proud to have supported the Little Foot research project for over 20 years! Enjoy the latest findings by PAST supported researcher Dr. Amelié Beaudet:
“The morphology of the first cervical vertebra, or atlas, reflects multiple aspects of an organism’s life,” says Beaudet, the lead

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The PAST Matters this Giving Tuesday

The further back you can look, the further forward you are likely to see.
– Winston Churchill-
Imagine a 40-year-old basing a life decision on experiences gained in only the last 30 minutes. That is what society does if it ignores lessons from the vast 3.8-billion-year period that preceded written

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