To all prospective grant applicants please note that beginning in 2021, past will have only two funding deadlines per year:


Please ensure you have all applications submitted accordingly and in-time particularly for conference attendance/workshops.

We want to share it with you.

PAST offers funding for research, bursaries and technical capacity to postgraduate students and senior researchers working on African digs, at African museums or studying at African universities within the origin sciences.

PAST collaborates with businesses, government and individual donors to raise and distribute funds that we use to empower education and science on the African continent. We invite applicants with diverse needs within palaeoanthropology, palaeontology, Stone Age archaeology and cognate disciplines to enable their education. We believe our grants and bursaries cover a wide enough range of needs to facilitate growth in all facets of the origin sciences. We’ve done this because we are passionate about our discipline, our one-origin message and the African continent that holds its data and heritage.

Which is why we look for applicants with the passion to develop and grow their field and the communities they work in through skills and research development.

We also encourage every applicant to look at our Walking Tall Educational Theatre Project and All from One campaign and exhibitions to see how they can get involved or further the message. We want to invest in people who will reinvest what they’ve received.

There are many ways to access it.

We have six grant programmes. You can apply for one of these programmes or contact us to discuss a unique proposal.

Starting right here.

Below is the application form and the application guidelines. Please download these documents, read them carefully, fill them in and submit them to us.

Please keep us updated on your progress.

If you need to submit your progress report, here are the guidelines and forms. Please download the form and guidelines documents, fill in the form and submit it to us. And, please send us publications resulting from your PAST-funded work.

Get involved.

If you’d like to get involved with our projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

+27 (0)11 717 6668

Be a part of the exploration.

PAST is a certified Non-Profit Organisation.

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